Alice’s Blueberry Tea

Ah, sweet blueberries! This tea had a nice mellow flavor. The blueberry was toned down and not at all tart. Fragrant, but not overly sweet, more in the way of blueberry muffin scent. I think this one’s a keeper. I’d buy a box of it all by itself.

The mad March Hare is featured on this box of green tea.  I feel I should mention that all the teas I have reviewed thus far are green teas (except the lemon honey is an herbal tea.) I cannot drink black tea for medical reasons and won’t be able to review those, which is a shame because the Red Queen hosts the Earl Grey box, and the smell of Earl Grey brings back wonderful memories of a little book shop I interned for in college.

At last, we have one more coming up: Mango with our dear Caterpillar who is “exacatically” 3 inches in height.

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