Alice’s Lemon Honey Chamomile Tea

“Like a tea tray in the sky..”

I thought two posts in one day would be appropriate, since I got a little behind.  I really do like chamomile tea. I love the taste and the fragrance. Lemon and honey are of course a good natural weapon when combating a cold. The rest of my family has one. So, I thought I’d drink this too, for good measure.  It was indeed enjoyable for the most part, but did have a bitter aftertaste. The lemon was the dominate flavor. However, I added 1/2 tsp of honey and about the same amount of white sugar. That seemed to help a bit.  If you’ve got a cold, this is a nice choice and it’s sure to warm up your vocal chords. You’ll be singing, “twinkle twinkle little bat,” in no time.

(Love that door mouse.)

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