One of many prompts

A few days ago my prompt from my beloved was,Utopia . I wrote a very small bit for this one. The others I’ve done so far, are a bit more serious, so I figured this was a good place to start if I’m going to be sharing them.


One of those deeply warm, drifting kind of days – that’s what it is. A sweet, grassy smell, and just the faintest touch of dew still left on the quickly warming ground. An earthworms day of retreat and my day to bask in the sun. A scenic mountain top park, a hotdog loosed from it’s bun – mangled with ketchup. Tough minty rope waiting in the car and the most heavenly blue sky. A little kid by my side, occasionally laying her head on mine and squeezing a little too tight. The best kind of day a dog could hope for.

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