Beyond Expectation

Today I picked up the phone to confirm our dining reservations and have them note that I am lactose intolerant (for the upcoming WDW trip). I called Boma first and they were very nice and took all my information to pass along to the chef. Feeling pretty special because my notes were being passed on to the chef, I placed the second call to the number I was given for The Crystal Palace. A friendly woman named Brenda answered the phone. Here is where customer service that is up and over and beyond begins. Brenda took all my information and passed it on to the chefs at the rest of my reservations. She then sends me an email with FIVE attached documents about food allergies and what is dairy free and what is not (for all four Disney parks and one water park).  There was information on a new allergen free chicken tender with a list of all the quick service places that will be serving it. There was information on pre-packaged desserts. I could go on and on, there was just a plethera of helpful information. For example: I don’t have to ask about fries, or hamburger/hotdog buns. I now know that fries are safe and buns are not. This may not seem like a big deal, if you don’t have a food allergy, or intolerance, but trust me – it gets really old having to ask every place you go. Sometimes waitstaff looks at me like I’m ridiculous and say something to the affect of, “No, we don’t add milk to our fries.” When we eat at Disney, they aren’t going to look at me like I’m ridiculous, the chef will actually come out and talk to me and even walk me through the buffet and tell me what is safe. They have special ice cream prepped ahead of time. They will make things like MICKEY WAFFLES, with soy, or rice milk. This is customer service at it’s finest.

Customer service should be about catering to your customer as an individual. I know this Disney customer service usually comes with a steep price, but we were fortunate enough to catch hold of a free dining week. Still, when we go back again and it’s not free, I’ll still be able to order up a quick service, or a table service or two and know that I don’t have to worry about someone not checking the ingredient label. And whatever meals we pay for, the money will be well spent, simply because of the outstanding customer service.

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