Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a great 4th and got to spend a little time doing something fun. I spent my evening baking and mopping, but this afternoon we went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to see “Butterflies Live!”
Butterflies Live Banner

I think it’s a pretty silly title. Do the Butterflies have a hit single? Aside, from the silly title, the exhibit is pretty neat. Inside of the large green house (Richmonders forgive me for not knowing the proper name of the building), is a room where newly hatched butterflies are released. There are about 200 in the room at one time.
Butterflies Live
butterflies like oranges
orange butterfly

I wore a flowery shirt in hopes that some would land on me, but none did. They didn’t seem to be landing on anyone though, so I didn’t take it personally. We waited about a half an hour to get inside, which I doubt is normal. Entrance to the gardens and the exhibit was free today. Thanks Lewis Ginter!
spotted butterfly
up close

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  1. One Beta Mom

    Beautiful pics!

    Here in Chicago we also have a nature museum with a butterfly garden. When my kids were younger, they loved it. Good times teaching them to be gentle – “No, don’t hit the butterfly! Whatever did he do to you?!” and “Um, ok, too late, but don’t step on another one.”


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