Chocolate & Fruit

Everyone has their own comfort foods and I’m really going to have to do a post about that soon, but tonight I’ll share one of my comfort foods. I love, love, love, a banana drizzled in chocolate. I know. Simple. Almost silly. Really though, chocolate and bananas were meant for each other. Really, chocolate and fruit were meant for each other.banana w/chocolate drizzle (chocolate syrup)
Whether it be this banana drizzled with chocolate syrup, or my new favorite candy; chocolate covered blueberries from Trader Joe’s.chocolate covered blueberries
yum from Trader Joe's

I call them candy and I guess that’s what they are, but somehow the word, candy, doesn’t give the appropriate connotation to this particular treat. The chocolate is lovely, not bitter, melty, and the blueberries are not very large in most of the pieces. They’re just right.

What’s your favorite chocolate and fruit combo? (Please don’t tell me the fakey chocolate covered cherries! 😉 ) Do you agree that chocolate and fruit were meant for one another?

2 Responses to “Chocolate & Fruit”

  1. One Beta Mom

    I have seen those choc covered blueberries at Trader Joe’s and am so going to try them next time!

    Let’s see… I think I’m pretty boring – choc and strawberries are my favorite for sure.


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