newsboys Rock Busch Gardens, Williamsburg!

The newsboys are my favorite band. I love lots and loads of music, a variety of genres, and sounds, but I truly enjoy the newsboys the most. They’re a little bit of everything and they are a Christ centered band. This means I can rock out with a bunch of crazy, dancing, jumping, people and praise God all at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that. However, I didn’t get that experience until last night at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. I’ve wanted to see the newsboys for several years, but hadn’t had the opportunity. Earlier this year, their lead singer, Peter Furler, took a step back to stay home and focus on writing, while their long time friend, Micheal Tait, and former dcTalk band member, stepped up to take the lead on tour. I was a bit worried. Sure Micheal is a wonderful singer, but Peter has such a unique voice. I was afraid that the sound of the newsboys would be lost. Well, it was a little different, but it wasn’t bad. It was rockin’!


Complete with runway stage, flashbacks to old newsboys and dcTalk songs, and loads of fun. Everything, but the rotating, lifted, drum stand was present. So, we’re definitely going to have to check them out again soon. Sooner rather than later. I know the picture doesn’t quite convey the “rockin'” element that was present, but it’s hard to describe in adequate detail the emotion, sound, and ambiance, and presence that was happening at this venue. It was just a beautiful experience!

newsboys are currently on their “In the Hands of God” tour.

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