Boma Inspired Soup

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Boma is a restaurant at The Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida.  It offers a buffet based on African cuisine, which means that it’s a great place for those that enjoy unique spices. We got the chance to eat there back in September ’08 when we ventured down to Disney for Free Dining! (Sometimes in the fall they offer this great deal and if you want more information on it, let me know!)  Boma is known for having great soups and now I know them for having my favorite soup in the world. Well, at least soups that I’ve gotten to taste. Previous, the chicken noodle at the William Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland held first place in my mind, though perhaps it still does in my heart.

My favorite soup from Boma is a coconut curried seafood soup. It was beautiful. Truly. I wrote about it when we got back from our trip. You can read a little more about it here.

I’ve dreamt about that soup so often in my food frenzied daydreams (makes me seem shark like?) So, I was pleased to come across a recipe on the DISboards that claimed to be the recipe from Boma for Coconut Curried Chicken Stew. It didn’t really seem to be exactly the same, but was close enough. I copied it down and then made my own variation from there. I stuck with chicken though because I’m the only one in the home that eats seafood.  Mine didn’t turn out much like my longed for soup from the September adventure, but it turned out well none the less.  Though, it’s a might bit spicy!

Budget Friendly Recipe for Coconut Curried Chicken Soup

You Will Need:

5 boneless, skinless, chicken tenderloins cut into small pieces

Salt and ground pepper to taste

2 1/2 tsp curry powder

3tbs canola oil

6tbs butter or butter substitute (as always, I used Smart Balance Light)

3/4 cup flour

4 cups chicken stock

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 cup canned Rotel diced tomatoes (I used the ones w/ lime juice)

1 cup canned sliced potaoes

1/4 green pepper sliced and chopped

1 cup coconut milk ( you can buy this in a can, or in a refrigerated carton. If you use fresh, you’ll need approx. 4 coconuts. I had bought one and ended up running out to the store and grabbing a carton, but I think the can is probably cheaper. I was just hoping it would be tasty enough to drink…it wasn’t, but works great for cooking!)

1/2 cup honey

Step 1. Season chicken with salt, pepper, and curry powder. Sear chicken in oil in 4 quart pot. Cook until almost done. Remove chicken and drain excess oil.

Step 2. Add butter to the same pot. Stir in flour, stock, cayenne pepper, tomatoes. Add honey, potatoes, green pepper, and coconut milk.

Step 3. Return chicken to the pot and bring to a boil to finish cooking and thicken the liquid.

Step 4. Serve it hot!

coconut curried chicken soup

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