This is a seriously delayed post. Oh yes, remember those tye dye cupcakes that I made? You know, the ones from the weekend before last? Yes, well when I made those I got to try out my brand new Cup-A – Cake holder!!!! Oh yes! How long had I wanted one of these?  I think I’d been dreaming about them for at least a year. I never really had a good excuse for purchasing one though. My daughter is only 2, so it’s not like she could use it in her school lunchbox because she doesn’t even have a lunchbox, and doesn’t yet go to school. We pretty much eat at home every day, so there was no cause for me to dish out the cash for a Cup-a-cake.

Then, one day, I was cleaning out my wallet and found a gift card for Williams-Sonoma that was left-over from our wedding. We got married in December 2004. I called up the number on the back to see how much was left and was happily told by the automated voice that I had a five dollar balance. So, of course I bought a Cup-a-cake for $3.95 and some pretty cocktail napkins causing me to go over the five dollar balance by only sixty-one cents. Not too shabby. Note, that if you plan on purchasing Cup-a-cakes you can get a three pack online for $10.50, but of course with shipping it could be just as cheap to buy them instore.

Finally, I got to test out my Cup-a-cake holder with the tye dye cupcakes and- TADA!!! It worked beautifully!


If you’re wondering, the purpose of a Cup-a-cake holder is to keep your cupcake from getting messy during travel. You can turn them all around and the only icing you lose is an eensy bit on the claws that hold the cupcake in place.

Cup-a -cake upside down!

Next on my cupcake accesory wish list: The Cupcake Courier!

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