Take the Cake

This past weekend I made Tye Dye Cupcakes inspired by Rainbow Cake that was suggested by my friends Kelly and Heather. Heather is posting soon on her blog, Dinner Cakes, about her Rainbow Cake making process and here’s a link to Kelly’s nifty pictures of her Rainbow Cake.

I didn’t have a lot of time this past weekend to make a cake from scratch, but after seeing Kelly’s flickr pics I sure was craving some cake. I took out an ever trusty box of Duncan Hines Lemon Cake and whipped up the batter, seperated it out into bowls and added some colors. I didn’t make a whole rainbow of colors, thus mine are only tye dye. After I had my colors ready via some help from Partycake (my daughter) we poured them layer by swirly layer into a muffin cup and baked them up. Once done and cooled we added some lemon frosting with Partycake’s favorite – star sprinkles! star sprinkles

Now, I like frosting. I do. Sometimes, though, it’s just a little too sweet for me. One bite with a dollop of frosting topped with sprinkles is tasty, but I can’t eat a whole piece covered in frosting.  Really, I think this holds true to just about everything that is sweet. For example: I was recently on a flight home from Orlando and looking out the window during take – off I could see the fireworks that were coming up over the Magic Kingdom. We were too far away to see the castle, but we could see these fireworks so seeming silent and so seemingly small and they were just so darn pretty. It was a sweet moment because;

A. I don’t like to fly.

B. I knew I had a lot of work to do when I got home.

C. Well, a lot of things in the near future were uncertain.

Yet, these fireworks caught me and made me feel so appreciative to be sitting where I was on that plane, at that moment.  Now, if I had that experience every single night, I’d probably get over it really fast and focus more on all the bumps and sounds of take off. The sweet moment would quickly fade into a moment wherein my stomach is churning and I’ve worn the fabric off the armrest from gripping it so tight. What I’m getting at is that we should take the cake. Frosting is sweet and looks pretty and definitely should be appreciated. However, the cake can be just as satisfying. My cake is being with my family every night going through our loose routine of dinner, play time, and baths. Cake is sweet in it’s own right. It’s much more satisfying at the end of a meal than the frosting by itself.

After the fireworks had faded from sight, I turned and looked at my daughter’s face and the way she was holding her daddy’s hand. It was a beautiful piece of cake.

tye dye cake

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