Fictitious Trio

I was recently pondering my favorite works of fiction, in the novel form. It’s pretty hard to break it down, but I think I have a top three. I was an English major in college and read a ton. I read so much in fact, that I ended up with reading glasses on a permanent basis. I still try to read a bit, but it’s hard when my life is no longer a hermit’s. (Amen to that!)

My top three are based on the ability to tell a unique story, one that is believable, and that causes me to relate with characters whom are nothing like my own person.  My top three to date are:

1. Till We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis

2. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

3. O’Pioneers – Willa Cather

(All are beautiful love stories, yet not always in the sense that one would think. Till We Have Faces is esp. unique. I have NEVER read any other novel that EVEN comes CLOSE to telling a similar love story. In recommedation:

Till We Have Faces– for those who want a truly different reading experience

Jane Eyre– for those who root for the underdog and enjoy old fashioned romantic comedies

O’Pioneers– for the steadfast and sturdy with a heart beat from the wilderness

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