Chocolate Pie “Oh Me Oh My”

Chocolate Pie!

It had been a seriously long amount of time since I’d had a pie of this type. In fact I can’t pinpoint the last time. I’ve been off chocolate pies with meringue because they usually contain milk ingredients and I’d certainly never made one before. However, the recent discovery of the interchangeability of coffee creamer for evaporated and condensed milk has opened up a whole world of desserts. If you don’t have to worry about food allergies and intolerances you don’t need to worry about a pie with substitutes either. I know it’s been a long time, but this pie tastes like the pies  of old memories.  I think I’ve begun a new Christmas time tradition in my home, although I I’d gladly eat this in July as well!

You will need:

An oven preheated to 350 degrees

1 medium sized pot

1 mixer

1 baked pie crust

aluminum foil

2 heaping tablespoons of flour

1/4 cup of cocoa

1 cup of sugar

2 eggs for pie filling

10 ounces of french vanilla flavored coffee creamer (refrigerated kind – I used International Delight)

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1/4 cup butter (or a butter substitute like Blue Bonnet Light, or Smart Balance Light for a non-dairy pie)

3 egg whites for meringue


1 cup marshmallow cream

Here’s what you do:

Chocolate Pie Filling

1.) Mix flour, cocoa, and sugar into the medium sized pot

2.) Add eggs and mix well

3.) Add coffee creamer slowly until mixed well

4.) Add vanilla and butter

5.) Cook in pot over medium heat until thick – Stir constantly

6.) Pour into baked pie shell (I like to pour mine to the brim!) You’ll have some left over still, but that’s okay. Just hang on to it and makes something else with it.

Marshmallow Meringue Topping

1.) Add three egg whites to mixing bowl

2.) Add a dash of salt

3.) Add 1 cup of marshmallow cream

4.) Whip it up on high until it’s fluffy

5.) Pour over top of  chocolate pie filling once pie filling is in the shell

Now what?

1.) Place in oven until meringue is browned (You might need to cover the crust edge with aluminum foil to keep it from getting burnt)image8-large

2.) Let it cool for at least 2 hours

3.) Refrigerate once it’s completely cooled.

Next time I might double the recipe for both the filling and the meringue if I can finder a deeper dish!

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