Peace, Peace, but there is Peace

Answers are often withheld when we first need them. Certainly, though, we trust to a certain sense of peace that is really very inexplicable. Lately, stress seems a constant neighbor, though I can’t really deem it to be an ally. With constant decision making and a pounding in my skull, I beat at certain responsibilities and only through prayer and this inexplicable peace are they unable to devour me.

Christ’s inexplicable peace is a relatively new feeling to me. I’ve been a Christian for most of my life, but have grown considerably in the last two years. I am no where near the type of person we are all called to be, but I’m not giving up.  I write these things, not to boast, but simply because this inexplicable peace must be shared. No amount of research, or devotion could ever explain it. Simply, the peace exists. Simply, it soothes. Simply, it is freely given to those who truly seek it.

Having experienced shattering situations and having grown up, even though I thought I was already grown; I have found that no matter what takes place Colossions 1:17 is right. “He is before all things and through Him all things hold together.”  These situtaions that I speak of might be rather small in comparison to the troubles of others, but they were my own personal situations and what personally affects us, causes us to either grow spiritually, or to fade spiritually. Reliance on Christ is key.  Full reliance leads to that inexplicable peace – a peace which governs you to the point that you know in the deepest parts of your being that no matter what happens next, you will be more than okay.

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