Twilight Bar Review

I have a love/strongly annoyed by relationship with Whole Foods. I shop there because I like the environment, the photos of the local farmers above the produce, products with ingredients that are not horribly bad for you, great customer service, and they usually have my favorite lemon soy yogurt. The annoying part comes when I see the total cost of my items. I get it – healthy costs more. And it’s not even Whole Foods fault…for the most part. It’s just the place that the consumer market is in right now.   All that is to say that I usually avoid the candy aisle because I have a major sweet tooth, but sometimes I just can’t stay away.

Today, I’m really glad that I went down that aisle because I found this:

Wrapped Twilight (Medium)(pretty purple wrapper with the name Twilight and little retro stars kind of reminds me of a certain popular pony)

Aside from the lavender wrapper, the words ‘caramel’ and ‘rice-milk’ are what grabbed my attention. I love caramel, but I had to give it up awhile back as I had to switch to a non-dairy diet.  In hope, I picked it up and flipped it over.

back wrapper Twilight (Medium)

No dairy in the ingredients, but it is made in a facility that produces products containing dairy. Well, this works okay for me, but it is a shame that a product that goes to the lengths to be gluten-free and vegan can’t also be safe for those with a milk allergy. At a whopping $2.49 for a 2.1oz bar, I almost put it back.  But…caramel…vegan caramel… I figured I could give it a try..just this once.

I think I’m going to have to avoid the candy aisle even more now. I might not even be able to go to Whole Foods at all. This bar is the vegan version of a 3 Musketeers bar. That is definitely a good thing. The caramel was actually smooth and stretched out in a silky way when I took the first bite.

Caramel inside Twilight (Medium)

Go Max Go Foods needs to make these in bite size portions and put them out at Halloween time. This is something I’d want to find in my kids bucket…cause you know she’s not that big on chocolate and I’d have to try it to make sure it’s safe and all.

Go Max Go makes a few types of vegan candy bars that resemble popular non-vegan bars – think Almond Joy, Nestle Crunch, Reese’s Cup, etc. I’m sure I’ll try a few in the future.


Disclaimer: I reviewed this product of my own free will. I found the product on my own and did not receive any compensation for this review.

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