Cashless Wristband at Busch Gardens

In the past few months Disney has unveiled snippets of a plan to change the guest experience via  the new Magic Band and My Magic +.  Surely the competition has been paying attention longer than the public as is evidenced by the release of a cashless wristband at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (During a Food and Wine Festival I’d like to point out.)


BG Band watermark (Medium)

Though I haven’t tried the band for myself , I did glean some information on how it works. It is a white paper wristband with a bar code. You can use it for making any sort of purchase within the park. You can buy them at a couple places around the park, load them with your credit card information, or a cash amount. The credit card information is stored not on the band, but in a system elsewhere that is registered when you scan your band to pay. At the end of the day your credit card info expires in relation to the band and if you have a cash amount left over you can either go to guest services to receive the cash amount back, or you can leave the park without it and any remaining balance will be donated to their conservation fund.

It’s certainly not as advanced as the Magic Band, but a decent attempt to beat the competition to the punch.  On a personal note – I do wish that Busch Gardens would stop trying to copy Disney and come up with their own creations. Everything they copy ends up being lack luster because it’s just a copy. Although, if they wanted to copy having more indoor attractions – that I could get on board with! That being said, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a beautifully landscaped place and I feel fortunate to call it my local theme park.

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