Thirty Dollar Soup

Oh yes. Thirty Dollar Soup. That’s what I’m calling this lovely, beautiful, dish. The chef called it Coconut Curried Seafood Soup.

The picture does not do this soup justice. It was the best soup that I have ever, ever, ever had. It even out rated my former favorite – chicken noodle soup from The William Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland. (That soup still holds a special place in my heart, though.)  Thirty Dollar Soup was discovered the first day of our trip on the buffet at Boma located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a beautiful resort, complete with roaming giraffes, gazelles, and the like. We didn’t stay here, just had dinner. I’d been to Boma before, but I definitely do not remember eating this beautiful soup.

I call it Thirty Dollar Soup because even if I had paid for the buffet (we went on free dining plan week) and I had only eaten this soup, it would’ve been worth it. I don’t believe that I have ever said that about a food before and I really do love food. It was creamy and not too fishy and not too thick. It wasn’t drippy. Basically, the texture of the broth combined with shrimp, scallops, and other seafood flavorings, was unreal. The broth is based in coconut milk, which was so much better than real milk for lactose intolerant me. The chef was fantastic and uberly sweet too. She came out and walked me down the buffet line letting me know what was safe for me to eat. She even made a peach sorbet, especially for me, since all the desserts had milk in them. Oh, and she even came out to check on us while were dining, instead of just letting the server do that part. Of course, I let her know how amazing her soup was. I thought about asking for the recipe, but no, this soup should be a secret. It really is that good!

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