And We’re Back!

My apologies for not posting in over a week, but a girl needs a vacation every now and again, as does the rest of her family and it was AMAZING! We had an incredible time on our first family trip to Walt Disney World. I know I promised lots of Disneyesque posts, so the plan is for the next week…all Disney…and then I’m going to have to stop because I already miss it so much. It’s my happy place here on Earth and having now been there with my child, it’s even more of a happy place.

My daughter is a few days away from turning two and I wasn’t really expecting her to take to the characters. She absolutely LOVED them. LOVED THEM! LOVED THEM!  Except…Baloo and King Louie freaked her out, which was a little odd because The Jungle Book is one of her favorites and we have to listen to The Bear Necessities 100 times a week. Pretty much everyone else was a hit!  Every morning for two weeks before we left, she would wake up and ask to go see Princess Cinderella’s Castle. Well, not only did she get to see the castle, but we got to meet Cinderella herself! Partycake ( my gal) went running up to her and gave her a big hug. We saw her in an area of Toon Town known as The Hall of Fame (little place at the side of a gift shop) and she was hanging out with Aurora a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty and Belle. The way the line was staged, you had to see Aurora first, Cinderella second, and Belle third. Partycake was really polite and friendly with Aurora, but after a few moments started pointing Cinderella out to her. It was pretty cute.

Aside, from the princessess, Winnie the Pooh made her uberly happy. I mean when we were having some rough two year old moments, if Winnie the Pooh passed by…life was suddenly sweeter. Of course Tigger and Piglet were a hit, as well. We even got to walk down a pathway to the staging area at Animal Kingdom with Piglet all to ourselves. For some reason though, Eeyore was not such a hit. Maybe it’s because he was doing some funky dancing while we were in line?

Being that this was Partycake’s first trip, we really wanted it to be special and spent 98% of our time doing things that we thought she would enjoy. We rode Dumbo three times, went to Ariel’s Grotto (highly recommended for the mermaid fans), had three character meals, took in the Playhouse Disney show and character greets (did I mention we did a lot of character greets?) and rode the train in the Magic Kingdom as much as we could. And you know what? We didn’t feel like we missed out on things we used to do as teens and college students. We skipped taking turns on Tower of Terror and The Rockin’ Roller Coaster. We skipped Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. When I grabbed a fast pass to Splash Mountain, my husband and Partycake went to The Country Bear Jamboree. Actually, I thought we were doing that one together, but they tricked me! I thought they were headed to The Hall of Presidents so that she could take a nap! I went on Soarin’ at Epcot, while they ate a giant chocolate brownie in the food court (Sunshine Seasons) that the ride is attached to. My husband rode Mission Space, while Partycake and I played with toys in a giant shop at Epcot (I think it’s called Mouse Ears).

Now that we are back home, she cries at night for the train and when we promised to take her to the mall to ride the little train, she started talking about getting a map and seeing Dumbo and Princess Cinderella. It’s been hard unwinding from the constant excitement, for all of us. Perhaps it will help me a little to post a little each day this week. Obviously, this is not a little post, so I will end it here and leave you with a pic.  There’s more to come and I promise not to be so lengthy!

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  1. Jeff Layton

    Hope going to The Country Bear Jamboree without you wasn’t too upsetting, especially since I offered to go again and I got the first time on video 🙂


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