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Predestination – a response to a prompt

Here’s another response to a prompt given to me by my beloved. The prompt was ‘Predestination.’ Heavy subject indeed. Man has long pondered the question of destiny. Are we indeed traveling through a story that has already been lain out for us, in which we have no power to change the ending? Perhaps we create… Read more »

One of many prompts

A few days ago my prompt from my beloved was,Utopia . I wrote a very small bit for this one. The others I’ve done so far, are a bit more serious, so I figured this was a good place to start if I’m going to be sharing them. Utopia One of those deeply warm, drifting… Read more »

Prompts From My Husband

A newly added twist to my beloved and I’s marriage is that each day he is giving me a singular word prompt. I am then to write whatever comes to mind from this one word. A long time ago, I wanted to be a writer. When I found out that I was one, I stopped… Read more »