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Twilight Bar Review

I have a love/strongly annoyed by relationship with Whole Foods. I shop there because I like the environment, the photos of the local farmers above the produce, products with ingredients that are not horribly bad for you, great customer service, and they usually have my favorite lemon soy yogurt. The annoying part comes when I… Read more »

Cashless Wristband at Busch Gardens

In the past few months Disney has unveiled snippets of a plan to change the guest experience via  the new Magic Band and My Magic +.  Surely the competition has been paying attention longer than the public as is evidenced by the release of a cashless wristband at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (During a Food and… Read more »

My Autumn Wreath

Today was such a productive day. I made an autumn, outdoor wreath. I think it turned out pretty well, given I’ve never made a wreath before.  I think I’ll be making at least one at Christmas too.

The Greatest Show On Earth!

If Ringling Brothers and  Barnum and Bailey, roll their FUNUNDRUM into your town, you should check it out. The show hosts a wide variety of acts and is seriously loaded with acrobatics. The Pirate troupe was fantastic. I really wanted to be one of them. Yup. I did.  The motorcycles rounded up seven and sped… Read more »

Easter, ain’t no bunny baby

We took our daughter to the Bass Pro shop for an egg hunt last weekend (finding candy eggs in fishing line tackle = way cool) and after the hunt there were crafts to make, tables to visit, and an Easter bunny to see. Well, Partycake wasn’t sure if she wanted her picture taken with the… Read more »

Childhood Treasures

This past Saturday we cleaned out some boxes we had stowed away in storage. Amongst the old books, college papers, and stuffed animals, were a few Disney treasures from my childhood. I use the term treasures lightly. One woman’s trash is anothers treasure, right? Anyways, I thought you Disney fiends would enjoy seeing a few… Read more »

Disney’s Wonderland Tea Final Post

I’ve had a lot of fun trying out the different Wonderland Tea’s and sharing them with you.  After sampling the Mint, Papaya Passion Fruit, Mango, Lemon Honey Chamomile, Jasmine, and Blueberry – I’d have to say that Mint is my number one with Blueberry at a close second. Mint comes in first place because it… Read more »